Kimberly + Taylor | Bridgewater College Wedding

Despite the storm and heavy rain, Kimberly and Taylor both radiated immense joy and love as they stood in front of their family and friends, committing their lives to one another. They knew that rain or shine, today they would become Mr. & Mrs. Ready to walk hand in hand in this new adventure, no matter what the weather brings. Congrats Kimberly & Taylor! Enjoy a few of my faves from their Bridgewater wedding.

Wedding Ceremony:  Bridgewater College Chapel / Carter Center for Worship & Music

Reception:  Spotswood Country Club

2nd Shooter: Bethany Snyder

Wedding Gown Designer: Casalanca

Music/DJ: Sound Masters DJ

Cake: Lindsey Olinger

Florals: Cristy’s Floral Designs

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Ashley + Bryan | Kildee Farm Culpeper VA Wedding

Ashley + Bryan’s rustic wedding celebration was nothing short of tons of fun and super cute details! Taking place at Kildee Farm in Culpeper, VA, their wedding ceremony took place just as the most beautiful light broke thru the clouds giving way to a magnificent sunset across the rolling hills. The ceremony site was one of the most unique and fun that I have ever seen (vintage trucks, church doors draped in fabric – oh my!) with the barn reception decked out in rustic, classic farm fashion. From the mix match bridesmaid dresses, cowboy boots, personalized wedding band, signature drinks and instagram hastag – every detail perfectly fit Ashley + Bryan’s style!

Big thanks to my 2nd shooter Tyler Corvin! A few of his shots from the day are mixed in.

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Tori Watson - what a cute day! i love kildee farm, and you did such a great job with this! also, mikey & samantha & cohen are the cutest. :)

Brittani + Aaron | On Sunny Slope Farm Harrisonburg VA Wedding

Brittani & Aaron were married with a stunningly scenic view of the Harrisonburg valley on a new up-and-coming wedding venue, On Sunny Slope Farm. Their dog, Paisley may have stolen the show a few times – like when she proudly stood next to them during their vows and ring exchange.  But nothing beats how gorgeous Brittani looked as a glowing bride! And that dress?! Reminiscent of Grace Kelly. Every detail of the day reflected their fun loving spirit and desire to truly celebrate with their nearest and dearest. Aaron’s Dad gave one of the wittiest speeches I have ever heard, and Brittani’s sister gave one of the most emotional. I was so honored to be apart of the celebration, and from the venue to the caterer to the coordinator, to the family and friends – each and every one was delight! (Even if they are WV fans…)

Enjoy a few faves from the day – Congrats Brittani & Aaron (and Paisley too!)

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Venue: On Sunny Slope Farm

Coordinator/Planner: Barb Wheatley

Invitation Suite: Tiger Lily (etsy)

Wedding Gown Designer: Vincent Harper Couture

Bridesmaid Dresses Designer: Donna Morgan

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Music: ceremony/reception – Geoffrey “Jeff” Stevens (DJ), cocktail hour – Mike Davis

Cake: Cakes by Cathy

Flowers: Flowers By Rose

Catering: Early Katering

Rental Company: groomsmen – Classic Tuxedos